In addition to the resources provided on this website, we have written a step-by-step manual to provide graduate students with a comprehensive resource for applying to clinical psychology internship. Included in this manual you will find everything you need to know to obtain your “first choice”.

This manual integrates information from numerous sources, including insight from training directors, articles published on the internship application process, and helpful advice from current interns as well as graduate students who have survived the process. This manual has been in publication for 8 years and is updated annually to provide students with thorough and current information.

The Clinical Psychology Internship Guide:
The Primary Resource for Obtaining Your First Choice

Written By: Dr. Donna Pincus and Dr. John Otis

Included in this manual you will find chapters describing…

  • How to choose an internship site
  • Advice on writing essays
  • Establishing priorities: Where to apply?
  • Interviews: How to prepare, what to wear, what to ask while you're there
  • Travel Tips
  • Ranking Advice
  • How to play the “Endgame”

Also included are sample letters for requesting materials, cover letters for your application (how to tailor them to specific sites), and thank you letters for after the interview.

If you would liike to obtain your free copy of the Iternship Guide just click on the link below and a free copy will be available for download. We hope that you fin d it helpful as you begin the process of applying to iternship.


The Clinical Psychology Internship Guide

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